What is a swag?

If you come from a country other than Australia, you will be asking this question a lot when you arrive here. Well, a swag is similar to a small tent, but it only has enough room for one person and it is open at the top where your head lays. It is made from a waterproof hardy material to keep you warm and dry. Fitted with a single mattress inside, it’s the perfect outdoor bed.


Swag Step process


Believe it or not, they are quite comfortable and one of the best parts about it is looking up and watching the stars in the middle of the night. We use swags on our Rock Patrol and Rock 2 Water Tours as we think every international traveler should experience sleeping in a swag when visiting the outback.

Top Swag Tips:

  • A swag when rolled is a prefect seat around the campfire.
  • Keep your swag at least 2m away from the campfire. First reason, you get a better view of the bright stars, secondly, when the wind blows, fire embers may fall onto your swag and it can be flammable.
  • When you are not using your swag, ensure you roll it up to keep away the curious reptiles and insects out.
  • Roll out your swag in the open and not under a tree, if a branch falls, guess who it’s going to fall on.

What did our previous travellers think of swags?

“Sleeping under the stars in a swag is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime”

“We loved to sleep outside in swags and watch the stars.”

“Sleeping underground in Cooper Pedy, and under the most gorgeous starry sky in your swag are just the nightly highlights.”

“Also, I found the part of sleeping in swags underneath the stars so cool - I've never seen the night sky like that, it was unreal!”

“Sleeping under the stars in the swags together was a highlight.”


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