At Groovy Grape Tours we are committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy applies to our website (, live chat system, Facebook messenger, telephone, email, in person or via a travel agent using our reservation system. This privacy policy is in conjunction with our data collection, processing and usage practices and access and correction of your personal information.  If you disagree with any of the practices outlined in this privacy policy, you should not use any of our websites or reservation systems.

We update this privacy policy when needed and post changes on this page. We encourage you to review this privacy policy occasionally to check for any changes. If you have any further questions of this privacy policy please contact us via email at or via post at 10 Bacon Street, Hindmarsh South Australia 5007.

If you reside in the European Union, United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland you may have additional rights with regards to your personal data collection which is based on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), furthermore outlined below.


Collection of your personal data

Your personal data is collected either directly to us via phone, email, live chat or in person or via a travel agency who then uses software that passes directly to our reservations systems. The following outlines software/system programs in where your data is stored.

RESPAX is our sole reservations system where we manage all bookings that have come either directly from you/our website or via travel agencies. We use this system to help with our operation of our tours. The following information is necessary for us to collect to help with the operations of your tour: Full name, phone number, email address, accommodation details, dietary requirements/medical conditions. In some cases, we need your origin and date of birth. If booking directly with us we will need your credit card details to charge your card. We do not charge your card until we have your permission. Once the payment has been charged, there is no further access of your card details. The payment is passed through a system called Secure Pay which confirms the successful or declined payment status.

Zopium Live Chat is the system we use to conduct our live pop-up chats on our website. It may ask for your name and email address. We may use this information to help with your booking if you request a follow up or a reservation.

Facebook Messenger allows you to interact with us for enquiries and bookings. Facebook has established its privacy settings in relation to your profile and requests. We may only collect personal information given to us by you if we need to follow up with a request or a reservation.

Survey Data Collection is undertaken at the end of each tour. Our tour guide will ask if you are willing to complete a survey of the tour, this is not compulsory. This survey collects some of your personal information, if you choose to add this, such as country of origin, where the tour was booked, age group, profession etc. This data is used by our marketing team to help with future target markets and to understand what is and isn’t liked by our passengers. This data is automatically synced with and from there we download it into a program called Microsoft Access where we manage the data.

On-sharing your personal data is only sent to our current suppliers that we work closely with. These suppliers assist in the general operations of the business. For some of our accommodation/transport suppliers we need to send through the passenger list before our tour arrives at the accommodation. In some cases, we need to transfer your booking to another tour operator, however, you will be asked for permission first before doing so.

How do we protect your personal data? We try our very best to protect your data with encryption protocols for data access. Our corporate network is protected by firewalls and Norton Antivirus. We are proactive in threat management at a corporate level.

Your rights. You have the right at any time to remove your personal data or object to the collection of your data. However, ensure you understand that we may not be able to provide you with the travel services. At any time, you can request your personal data from us or request the deletion of your personal data on any of our systems. Please note that there may be a time frame on when we are able to delete your personal data based on account or legal requirements.

Cookies are embedded into our website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google search. We use cookies to track user behaviours on our website and channels to improve our services to you. Cookies are small text files are placed on your device once you enter a website or any other social media channels, they are widely used to help understand website visitors and search behaviours. Some cookies may only last the duration of your session and then expire and some last longer. You can turn off cookies on your web browser in the settings.

We also work with a company called ReachLocal, which assists us in advertising our products and/or services. One of the products that we may purchase from ReachLocal is a retargeting product, which enables ReachLocal to show you advertisements for our website when you visit other sites in the ReachLocal network or in third-party networks. ReachLocal is able to do this through the use of cookies that are provided by ReachLocal and its third-party partners (Advertising Cookies). The sole use of the Advertising Cookies is to show you advertisements for our Website; they are not being used to target you in any other way. Moreover, ReachLocal does not link or otherwise connect the information in the Advertising Cookies to any Personal Information that you may have provided. Please note that ReachLocal retains the ability to access all information that is retained in the ReachLocal Platform for purposes of quality assurance and campaign assessment. If you have any questions regarding ReachLocal and/or the Advertising Cookies, you are encouraged to contact ReachLocal at

If you accept to be photographed/filmed during the tour, then you are accepting GGT to use this picture or film on all our advertisement and media channels.

Your acceptance of the policy. By making a travel reservation on any of the services we offer on any of the systems mentioned you are accepting this policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please stop using our services.  

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