What to pack for your Groovy Tour

What to pack for your Groovy Tour

If you're currently travelling around Australia, you're probably already carrying the weight equivalent of a small human child on your back. When travelling to a different country, especially when backpacking, you have to make sure you're ready for any situation. 

When it comes to groovy Grape Tours, there's a few things you need to be aware of when it comes to tactical packing for your multi day trip to Central Australia, or along the Great Ocean Road. 

Outback Tours: Adelaide to Alice Springs/Uluru or Alice Springs/Uluru to Adelaide

Grampians and Great Ocean Road Tours: Adelaide to Melbourne or Melbourne to Adelaide

  • Power Adaptor - our accomodations on the tour do have power, however the bus does not have charging capabilities. Bring a portable power pack if you use up a lot of phone battery
  • 3 Litres of Water - this is non-negotiable as Summer does get quite toasty in the Northern Territory. For Great Ocean Road Tours, 2L is fine. 
  • Sturdy shoes - bring enclosed shoes/sneakers/hiking boots. Due to safety reasons we will not allow you to hike if all you have is sandals. 
  • Bug spray in Summer
  • Fly net in extreme weather for outback tours
  • Toiletrie packs - shampoo, body wash, roll on deoderant
  • No bottles of alcohol 
  • Luggage under 20kg
  • A day bag for bus/stopoffs. Your main luggage will stay in the trailer until we reach our overnight stay

Barossa Valley Wine Tour

As this is just a day tour to South Australia's world famous Barossa Valley region, just a handbag with your necessities suffice. 

Check out our tours here 

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