The Real Outback Experience

The Real Outback Experience

After being in Australia for 5 months I have always wanted to go to the outback, I heard amazing things from everyone. But until I actually travelled there, my experience through the Outback was amazing and exceeded all my expectations!

I went on the tour at the end of June. Temperatures dropped to around zero during the nights but sleeping in swags was still an amazing experience. Why? It's very special to fall asleep under a sky full of stars, cuddled up in your sleeping bag, inside your swag around the campfire. And waking up under the same stars, knowing that a new day in the outback awaits.

The itinerary itself makes it an amazing tour but the guide and the group make the experience. Our tour guides, Sid and Bailey (who came along for a training to become an amazing Groovy guide), went above and beyond. The knowledge shared about the places visited make you connect to the things you see. Every curve, colour, cave or bump on Uluru relates to a story. But not only the rock, but everything that exist on the land had cultural significance. This makes you appreciate your surroundings. Different cultures interest me and therefore the stories told make you look at it differently, knowing a little more about the cultural significance of the Aboriginal Culture.

One thing that I thought was very special, was that we tried to avoid the other tourists. It's worth waking up early when you are the first ones for the day to climb to the top of the Kata Tjuta lookout. On our way we saw the sun rise over the domes making you feel very small.

One morning we stopped along the road to search for fire wood. Another afternoon we went into the bush to search for witchetty grubbs (which are worms that live inside of the roots of the witchetty bushes). Things like these made the outback experience extra special for me as I would not have done this if I was not travelling on a tour.

Travelling in a group with like minded travelers made for a very positive vibe! Everyone was just as excited and happy to be in the outback. We played games in the bus during the long bus rides, sang along to music as loud as we could and shared stories and played games around the campfire. The simple lifestyle makes you focus on what's really important at the moment and one of these things is the people around you, who share your new experiences.

3 Tips for your outback tour:

- Don’t worry about sleeping in a swag, you’ll like it :)

- Respect other cultures; it's not better or worse but different from what you're used to.

- Try to just be quiet for a moment and enjoy the view. It’s most likely not something you see everyday.

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