The Outback; The Real Australia

The Outback; The Real Australia

Before reading any further, please be aware of the early mornings on this tour… Waking up at 4.30AM?! Yes, 4.30AM. But, believe me, this will be worth it. Waking up early to get the best sunrises at some of the most amazing places on earth. My favourite sunrise was in front of Uluru, with Kata Tjuta on the other side. What an astonishing view, something I will never ever forget.

Another highlight for me on this tour was the ‘’swagging’’ itself. The Rock Patrol tour includes four nights of sleeping in a swag, or ‘Australian camping’ and one night of dorm accommodation underground in Coober Pedy, which was really cool too! Sleeping outside under the stars in the central Australian desert is not something you do every day. The feeling you get is indescribable, so many stars, so beautiful.

On the Rock Patrol tour, you will get to see incredible places like Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon, but besides just seeing these incredible places, you get to experience it by hiking through and around these areas. The hike through Kata Tjuta was jaw-dropping with a stunning high viewpoint looking over The giant domes (best viewpoint of the hike!!). What I liked most about this hike was the variety of the walking routes with some steep climbs which makes it a bit more challenging, and the great views from basically EVERY viewpoint during the walk.

Besides the active parts of the tour, we went to Josephine’s Kangaroo Orphanage while we were in Cooper Pedy, which by the way is Opal Capital of the world! At the Josephine’s Kangaroo Orphanage we met Jeffrey, a baby Joey that was rescued by one of the Groovy Grape tour guides two weeks earlier. I had never seen a baby joey that small and cute; I think I can say that this was love at first sight.

Day five of the tour was the best day. After our hike through Kata Tjuta, I went skydiving over Uluru; one of the adrenalin options on the tour. I had never done skydiving before, and I thought that this was an amazing place to do it for the first time. Arriving at a small airport, cramming into a small airplane and before I knew, I was jumping out of the plane already. Even the flying in the airplane was a cool thing as well, since you get a marvellous view of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, plus you can even see South Australia. About the skydiving itself, I think there is no word that can describe this, it was incredible, stunning, breathtaking and more. The free fall gives you a giant kick, and then the parachuting gives you the opportunity to look at the great views. No time to feel afraid at all, because I was too overwhelmed by basically, everything.

After nearly 3000 kilometres of distance travelled we arrived in Alice Springs and our tour had come to an end. I have seen the most incredible things, learned a lot, laughed a lot, walked a lot, didn’t sleep a lot and had the best time of my life. Two big thumbs up for this tour!

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