The groovy Great Ocean Road

The groovy Great Ocean Road

Hi there groovy traveller! Come with me on a three-day journey from Melbourne to Adelaide by beautiful coastline and through the astounding Grampians. Check out my blog and you’ll get to find out how my Great Ocean Road & Grampians experience was!

I could give you a whole overview of what I did during the tour from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, but it will be more interesting to know all the amazing highlights of this tour without having to explain every tiny detail. First, the Groovy tour guides are by far the best tour guides I’ve ever seen. They give you a very warm welcome and give you lots of information about the whole tour.

The guides Jason and Casey were great, they were so funny, kind and very groovy!

During the tour, we visited many beaches after we passed the Great Ocean Road sign. It’s a great location to take some pictures. At the entrance to the Great Ocean Road there is a sign which is symbolic for the soldiers who build the road. So, the Great Ocean Road is not only a very nice and beautiful road - it’s also a historical monument!

Okay, back to the beautiful beaches I’ve seen. Bells Beach was amaaaaazing! It was beautiful! I’ve never seen such a beautiful beach like this, with white sand, rocks, and the blue water with surfers in action. Good to know girls, you can spot many handsome surfers over there!

The longest beach walk I did during the tour was at the Shipwreck Coast. I walked there for an hour and a half in the early morning. The sunset behind the rocks in the sea was great: I was sitting on the beach and looked up to the big rocks around me and I was feeling like a little girl. What a difference between the beaches back where I’m used to and the Australian ones!

Of course, the beaches weren’t all there was to see, I can tell you that I was very surprised when I saw the Twelve Apostles in the blue rough waters of the Bass Strait. The sunset above the twelve apostles was lovely. The sun was shining that day so the sky turned into a rainbow of many pink and red hues. I’m still thinking about that sunset even now as I write this. 

When you think about the Great Ocean Road, it’s understandable that you might think that you’ll only visit the beautiful beaches. But from the Great Ocean Road you can head north into the Grampians! This is a beautiful national park with a rainforest and many green trees. Each walk you take through the varying rainforests are as surprising as the last. In the Grampians, there are many animals such as kangaroos, koalas, and emus. It is here that I saw my first kangaroos and koalas and I fell completely in love with them.

Australia really does have the best wild life in the world.

When you’re in the Grampians you can visit the Brambuk Cultural Centre, and here I learned so many things about Aboriginal culture and history. In the cultural centre you can walk for hours and there are so many stories to read and pictures to see about the Aboriginal culture. For me it was the first time that I learned something about Indigenous heritage. It was very interesting and I’m very thankful to have learnt all this new information.

After a delicious pancake brekky I was totally ready for a long and beautiful hike. The Pinnacles walk was a lovely within all that beautiful nature.  When we reached the top of the walk I was very surprised by the amazing view. You have to see it to believe it - you’ll never see so many green trees together in one area.

One moment you’re at the beautiful beaches and the other you’re in the middle of one big green area in the Grampians. Very nice to see that with a few hours’ drive you’re in a totally different landscape.

The Great Ocean Road & Grampians tour was over and I arrived to Adelaide with many experiences I’ll never forget. I thought I’d seen beautiful things in my life, until I went on The Great Ocean Road & Grampians tour from Melbourne to Adelaide. Many thanks to my groovy family for the three days and Groovy Grape Tours to make this tour the most amazing tour I’ve done in my life so far!

So, come on and explore guys! Check it out with one easy click on the following link:


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