The amazing middle of nowhere

The amazing middle of nowhere

Hi there groovy traveller! You want to know how it is to travel in 6 days from Adelaide to Alice Springs through the rugged outback? Well, read my blog, I’ll tell you everything about it!

You can’t imagine how it is to go to the outback and experience this wondrous land, if you haven’t been before. Before I went on the Rock Patrol trip from Adelaide to Alice Springs I had many different ideas about how the trip would pan out. Millions of stars in the sky, sunsets, sunrises, Uluru, one way roads, red sand and, of course (me as a little girl sometimes), thinking about all the animals and sneaky insects in the outback. 

When we arrived in the Flinders Range on the first day I was speechless, there were so many green trees and plants together in one big breathtaking area. It was so beautiful to see. From that moment, I was already blown away by the breathtaking nature of Australia. 

From the Flinders Range we were on our way to Coober Pedy, a small town in the outback which has plenty of opal mines. The road was long and straight, only surrounded by sand, bush, mountains, and animals. The first animals we saw were kangaroos, emus, and snakes. The tour guide wasn’t afraid of any animal, so we got to see a snake on the road, and before we really had time to take it all in our guide jumped out of the bus and grabbed the snake! That was so cool, everybody was surprised. The guide told us so many things about all the snakes and other animals, everybody was so interested and very happy with to have a guide who knows so many things about the outback.

The times I have camped in Holland were nothing special, so I was a bit nervous about my camping experience in the last three days staying in the outback. From day one I was feeling very comfortable so when I jumped in my swag under a sky full of stars I had the best sleep ever! I’ve never seen so many stars together - I couldn’t stop looking at it. 

Halfway through the trip we arrived at the famous part of the outback: the awe-inspiring Uluru! I never knew that the rock is taller than Paris’s Eiffel Tower! It was huge and so beautiful and the walk around Uluru was amazing - I wish I had more eyes to look at it’s majestic beauty. The history of Uluru is very interesting and with a tour guide as knowledgeable as Dan, you’ll get to know everything about Uluru and the history absolutely in no time. He has loads of knowledge about the history and culture of Australia’s Indigenous population and Uluru itself. 

Not that far away from Uluru is Kata Tjuta. Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas, is a group of large, domed, rock formations. We explored Kata Tjuta with an amazing hike that took around 3.5 hours. At some points the hike was a bit challenging, but it was totally worth it. During the hike, I was very surprised with all the amazing views. The Valley of the Winds was for me the best part and lookout of the hike; when I reached the lookout spot between the large rock formations I saw all the green trees, the domed rock formations and I realised that I reached a very high point of Kata Tjuta. On our way back we saw a wallaby jumping through the rocks! That gave the hike at Kata Tjuta a perfect ending. 

The hike at Kata Tjuta was not the only hike we did. The second hike of the trip was at the Kings Canyon. Kings Canyon is based in the Watarrka National Park. For the hikes, there is a green and a blue path. The blue one is the hardest, so of course we did the blue one! It took three hours to explore the breathtaking Kings Canyon. The first part was the hardest, climbing up some uncountable steps. Everything needed for killer legs and bottom ;) After all the steps the walk was amazing, with endless views that took us completely by surprise.

We went from walking on top of the Canyon between the sandstone walls to walks down to a beautiful creek. The creek is very important for the local Indigenous population, they never went into the water as they believed this way it kept its purity. We were not allowed to swim in the creek as a sign of respect to the Indigenous population. From the creek, you walk again to the top of the Canyon and continue the breathtaking walk between the sandstone walls. At the end of the hike, when you’re walking down, you have a great view of the outback and a part of the Canyon. With burning muscles, we’ve jumped in the bus and hit the road and two hours later we reached Alice Springs! 

Before I went on the trip I had really no idea what I could expect from six days exploring the outback, but it was awesome! I was really blown away by the beautiful and breathtaking outback. The perfect landscapes, rock formations, animals, sunsets, sunrises, and simply how calm and quiet it is in the outback. At certain points of the trip, you had no service with your mobile phone and nowadays everybody is 24/7 busy with their phone and checking up on their social media. It was really nice to spend some time without any phones.

Many thanks to Groovy Grape Tours and the tour guide for this amazing experience in the outback. I’ll never forget this, you really have to see it to believe it and it truly is an experience you’ll never forget. For a few days out of the modern world and back to simplicity in the rugged outback. Get yourself out of your comfort zone and go to the outback! For more information check the following link: 



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