This is why the Flinders Ranges is one of my favourite places in Australia

This is why the Flinders Ranges is one of my favourite places in Australia

There it is! The intrinsic artwork, painted on a naturally curved rock, known as Arkaroo Rock. As we sit here trying to make out the scenery of the picture… look… that is the native pines, that is the red horizon, running water below and they are the wedge tailed eagles flying high at the top of the scenic picture. The beaming colours, popping out at us on this naturally smoothed rock surface. You know… it is quite accurate to what I saw on the walk to this hidden spot.

As we sit there in silence, I place myself back in time… imagining myself sitting side by side with these people, thousands of years ago, mixing different coloured ochre stone with water to create the colour display in front of us, while the fire’s shadows blurs over our pictures and us on this cool still night.

Wow.. how simply and peaceful life was back then. 

Hitting the road again, venture further into the Flinders Ranges, towards Angorichina. The sun slowly starts to being to set over the horizon, the red dirt and dry brown bushes slowly start to change colour. The views of the rolling hills and high peaks in the further distance start to turn more purple than red. For kilometres and kilometres, not one car passes us. We are truly immersed in the wilderness.

Stop!! We yell at Altair, emu’s emu’s.. 1, 2, 3……..4, 5, 6, 7 run across the road. These are really funny creatures when they run.. very unsteady and out of proportion looking, but at the same time very beautiful creatures as we watch ‘dad’ scrabble around in circles checking that his 6 baby chicks are all safe.

As we keep driving along the Flinders Ranges Way, we see all sorts of creatures come out as the sun goes down... two metre’s tall red kangaroo’s flexing their muscles to each other, hundreds of these fluffy kangaroos called euro’s’ and the rare yellow footed rock wallabies.

My favourite would have to be the Wedge Tailed Eagles who dominate these skies. As we drive along, we see one! This one is different, she is enormous. Perched so proudly on top of kangaroo road kill. This creature was standing a metre tall, ripping into this dead carcass with its deadly talons. We got just a little bit too close, and this magnificent creature starts to prepare for take-off. It had about a five-metre running start as she stretches out her 2-metre-long wings, hopping a long, tilting side to side until she finally is air-borne. Off she goes, oh so elegantly, riding the thermals in the sky.

This place is an animal’s lovers dream! <3

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