SPRING in the Flinders Ranges and Outback!

SPRING in the Flinders Ranges and Outback!

 Before I travelled on the Flinders Outback Explorer Tour, I tried to imagine how it would feel; seeing the sunset, sunrise, and the night sky while being in the outback. I thought I came close imagining that feeling after everything I had heard about it, but I wasn’t close at all.. not by a long shot! The things I have seen, the feelings I have felt, the moods I’ve experienced. The senses of being in the Outback were intense, but unreal all at the same time. I have a million words to relay my experience, but I’ll try to keep it short, sharp and shiny!



There I was, somewhere on a bumpy road in a cozy, comfortable bus with lovely people. All I could see was the endless stretch of scenery of the Outback, with loads of wildlife showing all of its beauty during these first greenest days of spring. This endless panorama view gave me the feeling of total freedom.  

Talking about freedom, on our way to our first nights accommodation in Angorichina, we stopped to grab some firewood near the railway for the first campfire. Here I lay on the road and at the railway, which was amazing! I felt like I was in a western movie, but much better than that, especially when we spotted an Emu carcass!




This night was wonderful. We had a walk through the mountains where we spotted a mother Kangaroo with her child and a baby joey in her pouch, hopping so close to us. After seeing the Kangaroos, we had our barbeque dinner. And guess what.. we ate Kangaroo, and it was delicious!

The next morning, after a stunning sunrise, we went for a mountain bike tour which was a lot of fun! We laughed and screamed and enjoyed the view. We woke some Kangaroos who ran away from our craziness. It was great, the warming morning sun and the wind along your body while riding at high speeds on a sandy road gave me such an adrenaline kick!



   Mountain biking Angorichina



I really loved all of the stories, knowledge and humour from our tour guide Bruce along the way. He had a story about every little village we drove through. During this tour I learned a lot about the Aboriginal culture and I am grateful for that new knowledge, as I can understand the relation between the Aboriginal culture and Aussies a lot better.

The second day we visited an oasis in the middle of the Outback. We jumped in a naturally hot spring, named Coward Springs, but we were definitely no cowards! We arrived in William Creek, a village with a population of 10 people, a dog and an iconic pub. Just as the famous Outback sunset began we were in awe at the golden glow, which was marvellous but gone in a flash, like the sun dropped down the earth! We slept in the open-air at a small camp ground and it was without any doubts my best and most special night of my life!  



       Milky Way (never knew my camera was that good!)


After a good breakfast we jumped on a small airplane to have a one hour flight over the stunning Outback. The endless view from the air was magnificent; the pilot was great and gave us loads of information.


The endless scenery of the outback from the air


We moved on to Coober Pedy an underground city famous of its Opal mines, underway we had a nice stop at a huge salt lake, Lake Eyre. Coober Pedy was very interesting! We also fed some cute orphan Kangaroos and I ate the best and biggest variety of pizza slices in my life at John’s Pizza Bar! 


The huge salt lake, Lake Eyre


I could go on for ages, but this is a very valuable experience for everybody which you definitely should experience by yourself and give it its own place in your memories. The only thing I want to attach to this story is the great organization of this tour by Groovy Grape Tours and the lovely people I met, it made every second of those days magical. And a last important lesson from our tour guide, live life like it is your first day on earth and enjoy it like it will be your last day as well and remember.. no stress, life is good! I thank you all for this unforgettable experience!

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