Kangaroo Island – the phenomenal wildlife adventure

Kangaroo Island – the phenomenal wildlife adventure

We started early, but it was absolutely worth it! Everyone was excited about the tour. Even though it was early, the energetic and lovely tour guide made everyone smile. The drive to the ferry was relaxing with some nice music and we saw the beautiful sunrise. All the passengers introduced themselves and there was such a variety of different people. Older and younger people and many nationalities, what was really nice. We had a little break to get some breakfast and to go to the toilet and then we went to the ferry. There was immediately a good team spirit between all the passengers when we had to make everything ready for the ferry. We saw some seals when we were on the ferry to Kangaroo Island, but this was just the beginning of all the wildlife that we have seen! 

We arrived at Kangaroo Island, and my first impression was that it looked already so pretty! Our first stop was at a beautiful beach. We had a gorgeous view and went down to the beach. It felt so nice to have fresh wind going through my hair. The next stop was at Seal Bay where we did a tour on the beach. We were seriously standing in between all those wild Sea Lions who looked so cute. It was such a great experience and we learned a lot about these wonderful animals. Another amazing highlight of this day was the sandboarding in the Little Sahara. We laughed a lot because it isn’t as easy as it looks like! But everyone did it and it was a wonderful experience! 

One of the adrenaline plus options during the Kangaroo Island tour is the quad tour. I did this quad tour together with a friend and we had such a great time. We saw a lot of wildlife during the tour: wild kangaroos, wild koalas and wild goannas. It was absolutely a great addition to our Kangaroo Island experience! 

That wasn’t the end of day one. We drove to the accommodation during sunset and saw many kangaroos “hopping” near the road. We arrived at the accommodation, what looked nice and clean! There was a great bathroom with plants in there. Hard to describe, but it was like I was showering in nature. We prepared the BBQ together as a group, what was fun. There was food for everyone and there was such a nice atmosphere. And I’ve tried Kangaroo for the first time! We did a night hike after dinner and saw some big wild kangaroos. There was a campfire at the accommodation and we had some drinks, I played didgeridoo, some people played guitar and sang songs and we saw some possums! Such a great way to end day one of this adventure. 

The next morning, we saw a phenomenal sunrise during breakfast. And there was a koala sitting in the tree in the garden. Everyone had a lot of energy again and we started the adventurous hike to the Snake Lagoon (through Flinders Chase National Park). We walked on rocks and found the hidden beach. The sun was shining on the crystal-clear water, so beautiful! We were in a little paradise. Then we went to the Admirals Arch, where we were enjoying the view of many New Zealand Fur Seals and babies who were playing in the water. We went to the Remarkable Rocks after we went to the Admirals Arch. And as the name says, it was remarkable, impressive, special and beautiful haha! 

We drove up to the Northern part of the island and had a beautiful view of Snelling beach from the top of a mountain. We went to Stokes Bay where we had to walk through some mysterious rocks to find the hidden beach. And again, as I said many times; it looked so beautiful! After this, it was time to go to the ferry again and we saw a koala walking on the road during this drive. Our tour guide pressed the brakes of the bus and we saw the koala walking, what looked super cute. And as an end to all the wildlife that we’ve seen, we saw a couple of dolphins when we were on the ferry! 

This were two gorgeous days of my time here in Australia. Such a great group, amazing tour guide, so much wildlife and the island looked phenomenal!



Dutchie Bibianne ;)

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