I came, I saw and I experienced... the Great Ocean Road!

I came, I saw and I experienced... the Great Ocean Road!

Hey you! Yeah you! So you want to know my story? Haha that’s fine. Just so you know, you are going to read the story of a 1.94m (6’ 4’’) Dutch guy, who braved the Great Ocean Road by bus during the beginning of the cold month of September.  

Ok let’s begin, I stayed in Melbourne...blablabla…needed to go to Adelaide…blablabla… ohh hey there is the Great Ocean Road!

Now that we covered my background story lets focus on the tour.

Basically…The Great Ocean Road was epic! But don’t get me wrong it is way more than just a fun trip. I am a man who seeks more than a simple thrill, because what I truly desire is to come back from a journey enriched with new and interesting knowledge. The Great Ocean Road is not only about its breathtaking views, it is about the stories and history that go with it. The road was carved out by 3,000 ex-soldiers over 3 years, which is something you should keep in mind while you ride down one of the most impressive human achievements of the 20th century.

And believe me I was not disappointed! One of the many beautiful sites is the 12 Apostles where (if you are as lucky as me) you will witness the sun disappearing in the sea, the perfect background for all your sweet, romantic photo(bomb)s.











Now you could be asking yourself: “So why should I do the tour with Groovy? I can just rent a car and do it myself right?” Yes, you certainly could, but be warned you could had seen way more with a Groovy tour. Now why is that you ask? Simple, you may see a lot of amazing spots, but not all of them! You may learn a few interesting stories, but you will miss the best! This is where you need a tour guide and in my experience Groovy Grape picks them well.

I was really impressed by all the stories of our tour guide. He would tell us about the Aboriginals who –for the last 45,000 years- have gained tremendous knowledge of all the plants and wildlife in Australia. Our tour guide really knew how to show us some of the Aboriginals impressive knowledge of eatable plants and of the way they could and have been used. When I say ‘show’ I actually mean he let us feel, smell and even eat a few of those plants, which we all found really useful considering we were washing our hair and skin with a sort of mountain foam at some point.

WARNING, do not attempt to eat plants without a tour guide telling you it is ok, for a lot of plants here in Australia are poisonous!

Ok, where was I? Right, a lot of the stories that where told had a funny touch to them, but some were quite a lot darker. I was most touched by the gruesome way the Aboriginals were treated when the European’s settled here around the 19th century. I wished we could have stayed longer at the Brambucks Cultural Centre, because there were so many interesting stories about the Aboriginals that I did not have time to read and learn them all. 

The Grampians: 

Groovy Grape’s tour is not only about the Great Ocean road. Once you have ‘survived’ the Great Ocean Road you will experience more amazing views in the Grampians. Here is where you really get to experience a few of nature’s most impressive spots that you would certainly miss if you tried it by yourself or even with another tour operator. Now those special spots are not for everyone, only those who prove themselves the true adventurous at heart can live up to the challenge of hiking through the Grampians, to prove themselves worthy of witnessing a place that is true to nature and that gives them that pure feeling of being away from society.

Well, that is my experience at least. If you are more into some great selfies with a few kangaroos, hey guess what? That also happens on this tour! My selfies were so cool that I send those pics to literally all my relatives and friends, to show them what an awesome time I was having and also to make them a little bit jealous of course. 

To conclude...

So in short, I travelled form Melbourne to Adelaide visiting breathtaking sites, learning about the interesting wildlife and stories to remember for a life time. I had a fun group, a great tour guide and an awesome trip, all thanks to Groovy Grape Tours. If you want to experience all of it yourself, you can easily find the Great Ocean Road on www.groovygrape.com.au and it is also possible to take the tour from Adelaide to Melbourne.

I hope you could appreciate this tall Duchies’ way of sharing his experiences and if not… well you do the Groovy’s Great Ocean Road yourself and get your own epic experience. 

Groovy Grape Tours thank you for this amazing trip,



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