A Groovy experience in the Grampians and on the Great Ocean Road

A Groovy experience in the Grampians and on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, especially the 12 Apostles, has been high ranked on my bucket list for a long time. I was really excited to go there and discover it by myself! The pictures I always saw of the Great Ocean Road looked so beautiful and believe me; it is even more beautiful in reality.

Our journey was led by our amazing guide Leith. His never ending enthusiasm and great cooking skills made this trip an even better success!

We started our tour by escaping Adelaide on the highway with a long drive ahead of us to the Grampians. I had never heard of the Grampians before, but I was surprised by its beauty and mostly untouched nature. I really think the Grampians are one of Australia’s hidden beauties! After a long drive we arrived at the Mackenzie Falls. On our way to get there we encountered a lot of burned trees from the bush fire a few years ago. On the trees new plants had started to grow which gave it the impression of black trees with green leaves. I found this view of a black forest both as scary as it was impressive.

At the start of our walk it started to rain. With a few homemade ponchos (we used plastic bags), we headed out and luckily the rain stopped after a few minutes. The falls were a beautiful start of our Grampians adventure.

After the falls we headed to the balconies: an absolutely breath-taking view! Thanks to Leith’s good planning we arrived there perfectly on time for the sunset. The view of the enormous valley beneath us, engorged in an orange glow by the sun, made us almost believe we were dreaming.

We spend the night in a lovely hostel in the Grampians. After a cold, but amazing day the whole group was happy to see the lounge with the lighted fire pit! We all helped Leith with dinner and we enjoyed a relaxing night.

We started the second day with a hike to the Pinnacles. The weather wasn’t any better than the day before, but it didn’t stop us from doing the hike. To be honest, the rain made the hike feel even more adventurous! When we reached the top of the Pinnacles we were above the fog, it felt like standing in a cloud, which was pretty cool.

After another good prepared lunch we headed to Tower Hill Reserve where we spotted kangaroos and emus. We searched for the koalas and at the end of our walk we found this cute animal in the top of a tree!

It was time to start our way on the Great Ocean Road. This is one of the most impressive roads I have ever seen. We made several stops along the coast with some lovely views. The first landmark was the London Bridge, which got its name by an almost unbelievable story of a cheating English billionaire!

Another stop we made was at the Bay of Martyrs, where we got another amazing view of rock formations in the ocean.

Our last stop of the day was at the well-known 12 Apostles. Today only a few Apostles are still remaining.

On the third and last day we started with my favourite part of the Great Ocean Road, the Loch Arch Gorge: a lovely beach surrounded by rock formations. The rainbow made our view even more amazing.

We thought that there couldn’t be more surprised by nature during this tour, but we were wrong. From the Great Ocean Road we drove into Otway National Park where we made a walk in a rainforest. It was incredible to see how quickly the landscape changes.

We followed our way on the Great Ocean Road with several lookout point stops. We stopped at the well-known surfers beach Bells Bay, where we made an amazing beach walk. The waves were incredible high over here! I can definitely understand why surfers from all over the world are coming to this beach. 

During the last drive we had a lovely sunset before heading into the lights of Melbourne, where our journey ended.

Even with the bad weather, the whole group had an amazing time these three days. The tour could never have been this good without Leith, who kept us smiling all the time! 

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