My Spectacular Adventure along the Great Ocean Road and Grampians

My Spectacular Adventure along the Great Ocean Road and Grampians

The pictures didn’t do any justice to what you see when you are really here. I have never seen anything like it before and that’s what I like the most about travelling. It’s the contrast you see while travelling compared to what you are used to back home. I only counted eight ‘apostles’, our tour guide told me I counted correct and in fact there are only eight apostles and not twelve. There were never twelve apostles. 

Let me start at the beginning of my adventure. My name is Rozan and I am one of the new Dutch Interns at Groovy Grape Tours. I will be spending 5-months on the other side of the world, aka Australia, to do my internship. I look forward to helping all of you groovy travelers out, to make your tour(s) as amazing as possible!

As I am going to be living in Adelaide I was given a great opportunity to take the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide. The Great Ocean Road is often seen as one of the most scenic routes and I 100% agree! As we drove along the famous coastal road we were able to see the coastline from the windows. I loved looking out the window at the beautiful beaches with amazing blue water, the crashing waves against the high cliffs. We had lunch at Apollo Bay, right on the beach and what I really liked is that we prepared, ate and cleaned up together as a group. There are multiple nationalities and different age groups but everyone has the common interest of travelling which made for a positive vibe in the group.

People sitting at the great ocean road

The next day we walked down to this ‘hidden’ beach, called Loch Ard Gorge, this beach was unique, nothing like I have ever seen before. Once on the beach it felt like we were in this stunning bay trapped by towering cliffs above us. The water was clear and reflects a deep blue colour, however, as tempting as it is to swim here the current pushing through the narrow entrance makes it dangerous, I was happy with the view from the sand.

Loch Ard Gorge

While consuming our delicious lunch on day two at Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, I had my first quirky encounter with an emu. For those of you who do not know, an emu is Australia’s largest bird, and guess what? It can’t fly! As we were trying to eat lunch, these lanky creatures with their long skinny necks tried eating the food straight from my plate. Our tour guide Bronnie told me that I need to make myself look big to scare the emu away. Here we are, running around like a crazy group of persons with our arms in the air, kicking our legs high.. but it worked, the emu ran away.  


Next stop, The Grampians national Park where we settled in for the night, amongst the gum trees, enjoying our juicy kangaroo barbeque dinner. The next morning, I was woken up early with the sound of someone laughing. I thought how strange, I asked my tour guide Bronnie at breakfast and she said it is a bird called a Kookaburra or the ‘laughing Kookaburra’, they are hard to spot amongst the tall gum trees but create a racket of laughing amongst each other early in the morning. Next thing I know, I am climbing through a rocky, tough terrain, where you need to climb over large boulders. One hour later of a good physical workout, my group and I reached the top, unknowingly what to expect, I was stunned at the view. Looking over the valleys, we were at one of the highest peaks also known as The Pinnacle. Words can’t describe how impressive the vastness that Australia holds. 

Grampians hike at the top of the pinnacle

Many thanks to our tour guide Bronnie for the amazing tour!

And that was only just the beginning of my time here in Australia…

See you,





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