MUST See and Do's on the Great Ocean Road

MUST See and Do's on the Great Ocean Road

Bells BeachSurfer at Bells Beach


Home to the world- famous   surfing brands   Ripcurl and Quicksilver!   Grab yourself a cheap buy   from their outlet stores. Or   grab a coffee at a quirky   café and wonder the streets of this beachside   village.  Feeling active? hit   the surf at Bells Beach   (just next door).


It is the gateway to the famous Great Ocean Road, you will find this beach village just after you pass the Memorial Great Ocean Road sign. Lorne is a perfect beachside base to explore the Great Ocean Road region. Discover local Australian wildlife, explore local rainforest walks or spend your days lazing on the spectacular beach cove.




 Great Otway National Park 

 The Great Otway National Park is full of rainforest   type activities. Explore the many free-flowing   waterfalls such as Hopetoun Falls, Beauchamp   Falls or Triplet Falls (our favourite). Take a walk at   Maits Rest and find the tree that you can sit under.   If your more on the adrenaline, adventure side,   then visit the Otway Fly. Here you can zipline   through the rainforest or take a walk through the   tops of the trees.



Waterfalls in the Great Otway National Park

Twelve Apostles 

It would be a crime to travel along the Great Ocean Road and not stop for a sunset at the Twelve Apostles. Over 20 million years old, with the constant erosions on the soft limestone rock, there is now only 8 left, standing strong against the wind and water elements. Maybe in another few million years there may be no such thing as the Twelve Apostles anymore. Spend around 1-2 hours and take in the powerful coastal sight along the boardwalk.

12 Apostles12 Apostles 

Loch Ard Gorge 

Not only is this a spectacular rock formation, and second famous to the Twelve Apostles, but Loch Ard Gorge has some intriguing history behind it. Like much along the Southern Coast of Australia, shipwrecks were a common occurrence in the late 1800’s and one happen to wreck near this rock formation, the ships name, Loch Ard. Take a walk down the steep stairs (shows you how sharp the cliff edges are) and down onto the beach. Because this beach is sheltered and only has a small opening to the open ocean, its protected from treacherous waves.

Loch Ard Gorge LookoutLoch Arg Gorge Lookout

London Bridge 

Another spectacular sight along the Great Ocean Road, The London Bridge was once a rock bridge the people could walk across. Until January 1950 when it collapsed and left two people stranded at the edge, which needed to be rescued by helicopters. Goes to show these formations are always changing and eroding.

Bay of Martyrs

This is a spectacular sight and one to finish off your Great Ocean Road coastal adventure. Be rewarded with panoramic views of the coastline, filled with rock formations, large and small. This calm, shallow coastal reserve is also home to abundant of bird life surrounding the cliff edges and rocks.

Bay of Martyrs Bay of Martyrs

The Grotto

Not as large and bold as the other mentioned rock formations, however this one is quite unique and a must see. Great for pictures to capture the crashing waves through a so-called rock frame. Once again, eroded over the years by the wind and weather elements.

Warnambool – Whale Watching

If you're in the region between June and September, look out on the coast for Southern Right Whales. Females migrate to the Southern coast of Australia every year to birth. One of the popular places to see this is at Logan’s Beach in Warnambool. Check out whale sightings here before visiting.

Whales Southern Right Whales 

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