The REAL Australia

The REAL Australia

I’ve always heard stories about Uluru, but had no idea what to expect. From the moment I saw the massive red rock I was blown away. No sorry that’s a lie. To be honest I was already thrilled to see Fooluru, also known as Mt Connor. As if I knew where we were...  I was a bit confused, but still very excited. Fooluru is pretty cool, but I assure you the real deal is mind blowing. It’s such a mysterious sight, it seems like it just fell out of the sky right in the middle of this colossal country. What would have been even more spectacular, is to see the Rock during heavy rain with waterfalls cascading down.

Fooluru aka Mt. Connor

Uluru wasn’t the only thing that surprised me, Kata Tjuta, or ‘Homer Simpson’ (it looks like his side profile if he were laying on his back) was just as impressive. The walk at Kata Tjuta is magnificent. Just beautiful! You won’t be bored, on the contrary you have to pay attention to where you step, as you will be distracted by the many different views you will encounter.

Kata Tjuta aka Homer Simpson

All the incredible stories about the Aboriginal culture is what makes these places (especially Uluru) even more fascinating. I had the chance to see a traditional Aboriginal dance and was so impressed by their moves, especially the Kangaroo and Emu dances. Their performance visualizes dreamtime stories, which makes it all the more interesting. I was one of the lucky ones selected to dance with them! I dragged one of my friends along, and some other girls volunteered too and we all had a blast!

Aboriginal Cultural Dancer

The Rock 2 Water Tour also visits Coober Pedy, an entirely different world! ‘Sand, sand and more sand’ was my first impression of Coober Pedy, but that was before I visited one of the underground houses. It’s awesome to see how the people in this little town live. It’s not comparable to any other place I know.  I love the idea that you can just dig your own house and extend it as much as you like, as long as you don’t dig into your neighbours’ bedroom, you are fine!

Coober Pedy

That’s not the only thing we did in Coober Pedy, we also spent some time at the local kangaroo orphanage. When I get home to the Netherlands, I can make everyone jealous by the fact that I have actually pat a baby kangaroo! I have also experienced the flip side which is to eat kangaroo and it tastes great!

Don’t let me start about the food – it was ‘heaps good’! It would be difficult to say that it topped all the awesome sights we visited along the way, but it certainly came close. I don’t think I’ve had a meal as good in the 4 months that I’ve been in Australia - sorry Scott (my housemate), I know you tried...!

Alligator Gorge - Wilmington

Alligator Gorge was absolutely amazing too. The moment we entered the gorge I could smell the freshness of rain. Walking off track was a lot of fun!

I can definitely say that I’ve now experienced the REAL Australia - Mission Accomplished!

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