Introduction to Adelaide

Introduction to Adelaide

Welcome to Adelaide!

Hi there travellers! First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Michelle, I am 23 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I am currently doing my internship at Groovy Grape Tours, and as I was new in town a couple of weeks ago I had to familiarize myself with Adelaide.  Luckily I love new places and had enough time to discover a bit each day. As a lot of you will only have a couple of days in Adelaide, I would like to give you some tips so that you can actually go to the best places straight away (without getting lost like I did… several times!).

Map of Tram Services
Map of Tram Services

First of all the website is the best way to look how to get around from where you are staying. This website has the timetables and stops for the buses, trams and trains in Adelaide. Something that is very good to know is that the tram in the city of Adelaide is actually for free! This includes all stops between the Entertainment Centre and South Terrace.

Glenelg Foreshore
Glenelg Foreshore

For a nice day at the beach in Glenelg you just stay in the tram that has the direction ‘Glenelg’ on it. Starting from the stop after South Terrace you will have to pay, so don’t forget to buy your ticket! You can purchase your ticket inside the tram, a single adult trip is $4.95 and will last you 2 hours at any time of the day. It is a bit cheaper if you are travelling during interpeak hours (from 9am - 3pm). Make sure you stay in the tram until the last stop (Moseley Square) and don’t get out at the stop that is sign posted as ‘Glenelg’! It seems logical, but the ‘Glenelg’ stop is actually quite far from the beach itself! Glenelg is a great place to relax at the beach, walk along the boulevard, to shop, and to have dinner or drinks! Glenelg is one of the more crowded beaches in Adelaide, as there is more going on. If you prefer a quieter beach there are several more places you could go, for example Henley Beach, Grange, West Beach, Tennison or Largs Bay. There are train services to Grange and Largs Bay and buses to all of the above.

Now let’s go back to the city! Rundle Mall is where all the shops are, and I must say the shopping here is very good, so keep a little bit of space in your backpack for your purchases. Rundle Mall is also one of the tram stops, so it is very easy to get there. 

Hindley Street
From left: Inge, Jarrad and myself at the Dog & Duck on Hindley Street

Across the road from Rundle Mall is Hindley St. This is the place where most bars/clubs are situated. On Friday and Saturday evenings there is a lot going on and the streets are busy. You could visit the Woolshed for a real Australian experience, as they have a mechanical bull for you to test riding skills, a country themed beer garden, as well as 7 bars and 5 dance floors over 3 levels. There is also a sports bar, The Rosemount Hotel, located on the corner of Hindley and Morphett St, if you want to watch your favourite sports live! Tijuana Showgirls is the newest nightspot on Hindley St, Mexican themed and the perfect place to get your Tequila on! 

Victoria Square, Adelaide

Left: Victoria Square, Adelaide City

For your groceries I would say Coles is a good, cheap supermarket. If you are situated close to the city, there is one in Rundle Mall and one close to Victoria square. If you want to buy alcohol you will have to go to a bottle shop though (commonly referred to as the bottle-o). 

Unlike the Netherlands and most countries in Europe, supermarkets in Australia don’t have a license to sell alcohol, but there are enough bottle shops, so no worries. If you have a car, there are even drive through bottle-o’s, which is pretty cool!

Next to the Coles near Victoria square there is the Adelaide Central Market, which is a great place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables (much cheaper and fresher than in the supermarket). A little bit further down on Grote Street is China Town, which has a food court with foods from a lot of different Asian countries. If you are into trying new and different foods, this is definitely a place to visit sometime. While you are there you should try a bubble tea as well, this is a Vietnamese drink that I actually don’t know how to describe, but I love it!

Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea!


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