The Instaguide to Groovy Touring

The Instaguide to Groovy Touring

One of the things we love at Groovy Grape Tours is getting to see all the fabulous pics posted to our Instagram page after completing another awesome tour. We get to see the beauty and wonder of the Australian landscape through our attendees’ eyes, and it makes us super happy to see them post pics having a great time on the road with our tours. We have compiled a selection of some of our favourite pics uploaded to our page, so that you can enjoy them too, and maybe get some ideas for a tour of your own!


A Wild Ride: Sandboarding on Little Sahara – One of the more thrill seeking experiences on our awesome tour of Kangaroo Island, sand boarding is pretty much what its name sounds like, and what the above photo depicts. Hop on a board and surf it down the awesome dunes of the island’s Little Sahara spot. 



Sunrise at One of the World’s Most Majestic Places – If you’re planning a trip to Australia there’s a good chance you have read about or are already planning on heading to Uluru. Situated in the Red Centre, the giant sandstone rock formation is a spiritual symbol for Australia’s Indigenous people, and has since become a symbol of Australia on an international scale. Giant, impressive, and eerily mysterious, a visit to Uluru is something you’re never likely to forget, and Groovy Grape provide an awesome tour that heads there from Adelaide. 


Little Cutie – Another great think about the Kangaroo Island tour? Outrageously cute koalas. The furry little fellas that sit around in trees all day, eating eucalyptus leaves (for reasons known to them), and pretty much just chilling super hard. If you come on one of our Kangaroo Island wildlife Adventures, you’ll get to experience these little cutie pies in their natural habitat. 


Beautiful Beaches An awesome aspect of taking our Great Ocean Road tour? Some of the best beaches and awe-inspiring views in Australia. This stunning stretch of Coastline across Victoria’s southwest is a must do when coming to Australia, and you’ll get to experience it too with Groovy Grape.


These are just a few of our favourite pics coming out of our Instagram page, naturally we love them all, but if we put them all in this post, it would defeat the purpose of having the Insta. And, if you are inspired by any of the above pics, feel free to get in touch with the team at Groovy Grape, we’ll be happy to chat about them!

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