An amazing Weekend on Kangaroo Island

An amazing Weekend on Kangaroo Island

I was curious to know why the tour to Kangaroo Island is called Kangaroo Island Wildlife Adventure and now I really understand why! The wildlife we saw on Kangaroo Island was really amazing. We saw more animals in two days than I could ever expect. Thanks to Brett, our great guide, we learned a lot about all the animals we encountered. He knew so much and shares some good stories with the group.  I will share with you what kind of wildlife you could expect on this lovely island.

We just escaped the crowed city early in the morning and we already spotted some kangaroos on our way to the ferry.

At our BBQ lunch on the first day we had a visitor, a huge lizard was walking out of the bushes and came very close to our BBQ spot. The skin of the lizards is unique; none of them is the same.

On our way to Seal Bay Brett spotted a huge wedge-tailed eagle, which is the largest bird of prey in Australia.

In Seal Bay we got a guided tour on the beach to spot some lovely sea lions. This is a protected area for the sea lions to rest when they come back from their food hunt in the ocean. It was mating season so we had the luck to spot some pups. They were playing in the dunes and one of them got swimming lessons by the mom, which was so cool to see.


Our accommodation for the night was in the beautiful Flinders National Park. We spotted a possum during dinner and even some wallabies were playing around our kitchen.

The next morning we started our day with a drive on ‘’Wallaby Avenue’’, the name Brett gave to the road. There were so many wallabies eating and sitting on the edge of the road. Brett told us some stories about the wallabies, it was amazing. The weirdest story he told was the fact that a wallaby can pause the pregnancy if one of the joeys is in danger and needs the pouch of the mother wallaby. How crazy is that?!

Wallaby Avenue led us to Hanson Bay, where we did the koala walk. We saw a lot of koalas hiding and sleeping in the trees, even one with a baby on her back, which was so cute! A few of them were awake and were eating in the trees. Just before we planned to leave, one of the koalas came out of the tree and walked with us for almost half an hour! He didn’t really know where to go to, because he kind of left the woods and went into an open field. According to the fact that koalas sleep around twenty hours a day and eat the other four hours, it was quite special to see. Even Brett, our tour guide never saw this before!

On the same day we visited the Remarkable Rocks and the Admiral Arch, were we spotted New Zealand fur seals (Jup, New Zealand seals in Australia). A lot of them were playing or just relaxing on the rocks. At some point a sea lion pup came into the bay, screaming for his mom probably, which was so sad to see.

Remarkable Rocks







On our way back to the ferry we spotted another wedge-tailed eagle and a group of colourful lorikeets.

So if you want to see as much wildlife as possible in only two days, I could really recommend this amazing tour to everyone! 

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