Groovy Grape Tours has its own mechanical workshop which fulfil a stringent maintenance schedule on our fleet of eleven 21 seat Toyota Coaster and three 24 seat Mitsubishi Rosa buses:

  • 5, 10, 15 and 20 thousand kilometre servicing program
  • All Outback and Great Ocean Road & Grampians buses and trailers are fully inspected and serviced before each trip.
  • Oils and fluids in vehicles are checked daily by tour guides with date, time, kilometres and signature recorded as evidence.
  • Tour guides are required to complete a Bus Condition Report on return from tour to provide the mechanics with comprehensive detail on the vehicles performance throughout the tour. 


To provide premium off-road adventure experiences our vehicles are modified with the following:

  • Bigger radiators - 4 row instead of the average 3 row radiators
  • Thicker tyres - 12 ply instead of the average 8 ply tyres
  • 2 spare tyres instead of 1
  • Top of the line Gates V Belts
  • Stronger maintenance free batteries
  • Roo bars to protect the vehicle
  • Heavy duty trailers with torsion bar suspension
  • Tinted windows to protect you from the sun
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